Feed your PC the Right Food.

Food of the Gods, for your PC.

Windows 10 has lost yet again. The privacy issues are horrible but it now is at the point the OS itself is broken with multiple issues. Back to Windows 7 for now.

I have for the last few days been giving Windows 10 a last chance. There are multiple issues even with their own office products. This is not including issues for the internal OS and file handling. Overall this is not promising.

It has been now almost 2 months since the release of Windows 10. Unfortunately the privacy issues have only gotten worse over time. Forced updates of drivers is still causing some issues. This still seems not ready for prime time as an upgrade. The good though seems on new systems Windows 10 works well except for the privacy issues.

I have been on this for better than a week but have to say Windows 10 is still not ready for the masses. Besides update issues with drivers there is the privacy issues as well. Without any news from Microsoft there is no real hope of either being fixed as these are not just system but OS policy issues.

You also have to ask it is free but at what cost. Right now that cost is your data. This will track your movements and collect more data than any other spy or malware you have ever tried to keep off your system before. Now you will just know who is collecting the data but who ends up with it and what is done with it should be the concern.